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Terms and Conditions of the Seasmiles Customer Loyalty and Reward Programme

General Terms:

1. The Seasmiles Loyalty and Customer Reward Programme (hereinafter, the “Seasmiles Programme”) of ATTICA HOLDINGS S.A., with registered offices in Kallithea, Attica, 1-7 Lysikratous St. & Evripidou St. (hereinafter the “ATTICA GROUP”), is a programme of provision of offers and preferential services to members who have registered and participate in the Seasmiles Programme (hereinafter, the Members).  

2. These terms and conditions of the Seasmiles Programme regulate, among other things, the legal relationship between the Programme and the Members, the manner and procedure for participating, the manner in which Seasmiles are accumulated and, correspondingly, the manner in which these Seasmiles are redeemed. 

3. ATTICA GROUP reserves the right to unilaterally amend these Terms and Conditions at its discretion, at any time and without giving prior notice. In case of amendment of the Terms and Conditions, ATTICA GROUP will notify Members of the changes via the official website of the Seasmiles Programme at

4. Seasmiles are collected, kept and redeemed solely and exclusively in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, as in force from time to time. 

5. ATTICA GROUP has the right, unilaterally and without prior notice, to cancel seasmiles, offers and Member status in case of violation of the rules on the proper operation of the Seasmiles Programme. 

6. ATTICA GROUP reserves the right to periodically check the proper use of the Seasmiles Programme throughout the Members’ participation in the Seasmiles Programme. In case of a breach by the Member of any term of the Seasmiles Programme, ATTICA GROUP may, at its discretion, immediately exclude the Member from any current or future offer, suspend and/or cancel the Member's participation in the Seasmiles Programme, and cancel all seasmiles collected in the context of the Seasmiles Programme. Any concession, exchange, forwarding, or transfer of seasmiles from the Member to any third party is expressly prohibited. Seasmiles that were not collected or kept in accordance with these Terms and Conditions are automatically void and cannot be redeemed. In this case, the Seasmiles in question shall be removed from the Member’s account.  

7. ATTICA GROUP reserves the right to amend, extend or stop any part of or the entire Seasmiles Programme, with immediate effect, after notifying the Members. In this case, the Members shall be notified regarding the changes through the Seasmiles Programme's official website,

8. ATTICA GROUP may stop operating the Seasmiles Programme, with immediate effect, if this is imposed by law. If operation of the Programme is stopped, Members shall be notified of the changes via the Seasmiles Programme's official website, at

9. Members are obliged to correctly enter their personal information when creating a profile and to notify the Seasmiles Programme of any change in their personal information. If incorrect information is entered, ATTICA GROUP bears no liability whatsoever for any delay in providing or inability to provide any type of notification related to the Seasmiles Programme.

10. Members can find out about the Partners of the Seasmiles Programme through the programme’s official website, Any discontinuation of a partnership, for any reason, entails the immediate cancellation of given offers/services without prior notification of programme Members. ATTICA GROUP bears no responsibility for matters concerning Partners of the Seasmiles Programme (hereinafter, Partner or the Partners), including but not limited to the quality and provision of the services offered or any other problems related to the operation of the Partner.

11. Seasmiles have no commercial value and in no case are exchanged for money. 

12. Seasmiles accumulated from each trip shall be automatically added to the Member’s account within 24 hours after the valid boarding check process, provided that the Membership card number is correctly entered during the booking of the trip.

13. Each Member shall produce the Seasmiles card at any checkpoint prior to every transaction concerning accumulation and/or redemption of Seasmiles.

14. Seasmiles from a ticket that forms part of a group reservation are not entered into the Member’s account.


Terms of Member Registration:

1. Only natural persons over 18 years of age are eligible to participate in the Seasmiles programme. 

2. Legal entities and sole proprietorships do not qualify for membership. 

3. Participation in the Seasmiles programme is strictly personal and may not be transferred or assigned by the member to any third party.

Registration with the Seasmiles programme can take place through and on board, at Seasmiles Kiosks or through the @sea portal. 

1. Upon the completion of their registration with the Seasmiles Programme, each Member will acquire their personal Seasmiles card (digital or physical), the ability to collect seasmiles on each of their trips on ferries of the ATTICA GROUP, the Seasmiles Programme Partners discount, and (under the express condition of carrying out at least one trip with the personal member number on their ticket and confirmation of their contact details (email and mobile phone number)) the privileges of redemption of seasmiles and discounts on ferry tickets of ATTICA GROUP vessels. 

This trip (the first trip after registration), does not earn seasmiles, for member’s account. To complete registration with the Seasmiles programme, each Member must unreservedly accept these Terms and Conditions, as in force. 

2. Participation in the Seasmiles Programme requires no previous trip. 

3. Tickets purchased by Seasmiles members solely through redemption of Seasmiles (100% discount) do not earn Seasmiles for the Member's account.

4. The card is neither a credit nor a debit card. The use of the card shall always be accompanied by the cardholder’s national ID card or another identification document, which the Member shall produce, if so requested, at any check. For the security of the transactions of the members of the Seasmiles Programme, if a Membership Card is found to be used by another person, it will be withheld by the given ATTICA GROUP representative or cancelled by the competent ATTICA GROUP department. 

5. The Membership card is the property of ATTICA GROUP, and at any time the Member may be asked to return it, or it may be automatically cancelled if it is found that the Member does not meet and/or does not follow/comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Seasmiles Programme. 

6. Each Member is entitled to have only one Seasmiles Programme account. If there is a second account, ATTICA GROUP has the right to merge the accounts and transfer the seasmiles to the account on the highest tier. Seasmiles given as a bonus for registering with the programme are counted uniquely.

7. Deletion of a Member from the Seasmiles Programme requires a prior relevant request via email or correspondence.

8. If the card is lost, damaged or stolen, the Member must notify the Seasmiles Programme controllers immediately, reporting the loss of the card. In this case, the card shall be cancelled and a new Member's card with a new number shall be issued, to which the balance of seasmiles collected up until that time shall be transferred.



General Terms for Tiers-Cards

ATTICA GROUP may amend at its discretion, at any time and without prior notice the conditions for upgrading cards and maintaining a tier level, the expiry of Seasmiles, as well as the privileges granted to the Member at each tier.



Tier SEASMILES: The seasmiles each Member collects cumulatively from ticket purchases and on-board purchases and/or consumption, and that determine the Member's classification on one of the Seasmiles Programme's tiers: Blue, Silver or Gold. 

Collection SEASMILES: These are the seasmiles each Member accumulates from purchasing tickets in order to redeem them for a free ticket or for A La Carte meals on Attica ships, where available.

Collection seasmiles are valid for 24 months from the date they are entered in the Member’s account. Seasmiles for trips carried out prior to the submission and/or final approval of the application will not be added to the Member’s account.



1. Members can find out about the Tier seasmiles and Collection seasmiles they can accumulate on the programme's official website ( 

2. For on-board purchases/spending, miles are entered into the Member’s account for every 1€ spent, according to the calculation "rate" set and posted on the programme's official website ( The calculation rate may be amended by ATTICA GROUP without prior notice.

3. Requests for entering seasmiles from prior trips (during which the passenger had Membership status) can be submitted online, through the Member’s personal Myseasmiles account, provided that one (1) month has not elapsed since the date on which the trip was carried out.

4. Purchases made on board without showing the Membership card shall not earn seasmiles for the Member and cannot be entered following completion of the trip.  

5. On condition of compliance with the above term, it is recommended that each Member keep ticket stubs, receipts from purchases in stores and restaurants on ATTICA GROUP vessels or any document related to the process for accumulating seasmiles until the seasmiles appear in their account.

6. Each Member can find out how many Seasmiles they have via Online Management of their Myseasmiles Account on the website or by calling 210 8919800 at any time, 24/7.

7. Objections relating to the transactions of the Member’s account (seasmiles accumulation and redemption) shall be submitted in writing to Seasmiles within thirty (30) days of the date on which the transaction was created.



1. Members of the Seasmiles Programme can redeem the Collection Seasmiles that they have accumulated and that are required in each category for obtaining free or discount tickets on the vessels of Blue Star Ferries, Superfast Ferries Hellenic Seaways and ANEK Lines subject to these Terms and Conditions. 

2. Redemption of seasmiles is not available for Super Economy and Special Economy fares. 

3. Redemption may not be applicable on all available routes. The available routes for seasmiles redemption are determined freely by and at the discretion of ATTICA GROUP, without prior notification of Members.

4. Free or discount tickets issued through redemption of seasmiles are transport contracts and are subject to the same travel terms and conditions as tickets issued without redemption of seasmiles.

5. Redemption of seasmiles to reduce the cost of the ticket selected by the Member requires (necessarily) immediate issuance of a ticket.    

6. If a Member of the Seasmiles Programme who has made use of the privileges and acquired a free or discount ticket does not travel and does not take any action to cancel their booking prior to the date of travel, then the Member shall lose the seasmiles redeemed in obtaining the ticket. In all other respects, ATTICA GROUP’s Commercial Policy on ticket cancellation applies.

7. Tickets obtained through redemption of seasmiles cannot be converted into open-date tickets. In all other respects, ATTICA GROUP’s Commercial Policy on ticket cancellation, as posted on ATTICA GROUP websites (,, applies.

8. Redemption of seasmiles for free or discount tickets may not be combined and cannot be used together with other offers and/or discounts announced by Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferries or Hellenic Seaways.

9. Seasmiles Redemption Certificates for drinks/meals are issued only by the Reception of ships and shall be delivered by programme Members to the points of sale indicated by Reception.



Blue Tier

Once the application has been submitted and accepted by the Seasmiles Programme, the Blue digital card with an 11-digit Member Number is sent to the Member electronically. A digital card works in the same way as a physical card. The Member can start accumulating Seasmiles from ticket and on-board purchases, and they can take advantage of the offers, discounts and privileges of the Seasmiles Programme. 

The Blue card is printed in physical form only at on-board Seasmiles Kiosks.


Silver Tier

Blue Members are upgraded to Silver when they accumulate 1,200 seasmiles within an 18-month period after their date of registration. The 18-month period is calculated each month on a rolling basis.

To stay on the Silver tier, Members are required to accumulate 800 Tier seasmiles within 18 months of the day they are upgraded to the Silver Tier. If Silver Members do not manage to accumulate the above Seasmiles within the above deadline, they are downgraded to the Blue tier. The relevant Membership card shall be available in the Member’s personal Myseasmiles account, or it can be printed at on-board Seasmiles Kiosks. 

The Silver card is printed in physical form only at on-board Seasmiles Kiosks.


Gold Tier

Members are upgraded to Gold when they accumulate 2,400 seasmiles within an 18-month period, calculated every month on a rolling basis. 

To stay on the Gold tier, members are required to accumulate 1,200 Tier seasmiles within a time period from the day they are upgraded to the Gold Tier. If Gold Members do not manage to accumulate the above seasmiles within the above deadline, they are downgraded to the Silver or Blue tier, depending on the tier seasmiles they have accumulated. The corresponding Membership card shall be sent to the Member’s personal Myseasmiles account, or it can be printed at on-board Seasmiles Kiosks.

A physical Gold card shall be mailed to the address indicated in the Member profile.