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Enjoy discounted rates during your visit to the Cave of Perama in Ioannina and discover an idyllic backdrop of infinite beauty of 1.500.000 years!

A three-storey palace,with incomparable beauties and exceptional ornaments,which are the most beautiful ones in the Balκans, has been created by nature in the Goritsa hill which is located in the picturesque village of  Perama.Τhe ornaments are the richest and most beautiful due to the fact that they have been collected by nature.Ιt consists of 19 kinds of stalactites and stalagmites, whereas in other caves there are only 6-10 kinds.

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General Admission:5.5€

Discount is provided only by presenting the membership card and cannot be combined cumulatively to any other offer.

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More information about the Cave: https://www.spilaio-perama.gr/en


Tel: (+30) 26510 81521, (+30) 2651081650,(+30) 26510 86202

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