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CROSSROADS INN Countryside Hotel

CROSSROADS INN Countryside Hotel

Enjoy 15% discount at Crossroads Inn in Tinos!

Visit https://www.crossroadsinn.gr for more information.

Since 2009, we have been steadily developing our Crossroads Inn countryside boutique hotel concept

How did we come up with the name Crossroads? First of all, we wanted our boutique hotel’s name to express the bond between and among the villagers in the small community of Tripotamos, Tinos Island. We also wanted it to reflect the fact that everything at Tripotamos is actually a crossroad from the labyrinthine, vaulted alleyways crisscrossing and the maze of white-washed houses that meet and part to the village’s three rivers which, silently running underneath the village’s tissue, converge.

Our way of thinking relied heavily on the fact that we had to act on three fronts: we had to think about and respect the village, its inhabitants, and the visitors who wish to share and experience life in the traditional Cycladic village of Tripotamos, Tinos Island. As a result, our countryside boutique hotel Crossroads Inn developed along the lines of sensitivity, and adapting its philosophy to suit the land’s aesthetics, to maintain that land’s traditions and customs, to help reinforce the human resources found locally, to protect the environment, and to ensure that our guests at the hotel were well taken care of.

  • All buildings constructed at our hotel are built with respect to the surrounding environment and create as well as beautify small neighborhoods within the village.
  • The flat solar panels, we’ve outfitted your accommodation quarters with provide hot water at major energy savings.
  • The ceiling fans we decided to use instead of air conditioning in your living and sleeping quarters provide the cooling you need. In their task, the ceiling fans are assisted by the small northern openings which help in airing the accommodations naturally.
  • The under floor heating system, we’ve installed in your accommodation, ensures conditions of comfortable warmth during the wintertime while it discreetly serves in preserving the architectural aesthetics of our traditional countryside hotel.
  • The mattresses, pillows, linen, towels, beach towels and bathrobes you will find at your quarters have all been purchased from the COCO-MAT Company, as a tribute to that company’s quality, social profile, and eco-friendliness.
  • At our hotel, we take care of our linens using the very same laundry products we use at our own homes. We make sure that they look and smell as fresh as those we remember from our childhood by taking care of them the old-fashioned way: we hang them out in the clean air to dry and then iron them one by one.
  • Our shampoo, conditioner, foam bath and body butter, the toiletries we provide you with, during your accommodation, are all made by our pharmacist Erotokritos Kalogeropoulos, who uses only all-natural ingredients in his magic "concoctions" such as honey, herbs, and flowers that only Greek Mother Nature knows how to make.
  • Our soaps are handmade by Georgia Zilou, 100% organic, all natural, uniquely created and scented only with essential oils, with no preservatives and synthetic perfumes added; always, carefully selected for you.

Blue / Silver / Gold members:

  • 15% discount on your stay

Discount is valid for bookings by contacting directly with the hotel at (+30) 22830 25443 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and is provided only by presenting the membership card.

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