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Nine Awards for Attica Group in Tourism Awards 2022

Attica Group, parent company of SUPERFAST FERRIES, BLUE STAR FERRIES and HELLENIC SEAWAYS, is proud to announce its distinction with 9 awards in the Tourism Awards 2022, hosted by Boussias Communications. The award ceremony took place on Monday, 9 th May and Attica Group was honoured with the following awards:

  • Platinum award in the category “Sustainability & Covid – Safe Practices & Services” and in particular "Protection of the guest/Protection of the staff" for the protection of passengers and employees due to the pandemic SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19.
  • Gold award in the category “Travel & Destinations – Tourist Attractions” and in particular "Loyalty Programs", for the innovation in the services offered by the Seasmiles Loyalty Programme of Attica Group.
  • Silver award in the category “Innovation” and particularly "Innovative mode of operation or service offered" for the railway pass of Attica Group EURAIL & INTERRAIL Greek Islands Pass which provides its holders the flexibility to combine two different means of transportation, train and ferry and travel from one island to the other (hop on – hop off) at no additional cost.
  • Silver award in the category “Branding/Media/Public Relations” and particularly "Content marketing strategy" for the Presentation of destinations & Ideas for Road Trips in combination with voyage on the Greece-Italy routes with Superfast Ferries.
  • Silver award in the category “Digital Tourism & Technology” and particularly “Use of Virtual reality//Augmented reality” for the use of AI Chabot in personalized customer service experience and co-operating agencies network.
  • Silver Award in the category “Branding/Media/Public Relations” and particularly "Integrated Marketing Campaign" for the Blue Star Ferries campaign.
  • Bronze award in the “Digital Tourism & Technology” and particularly "Online strategy" for the online strategy of Blue Star Ferries through a wide range of web channels.
  • Bronze award in the category ”Sustainability & Covid – Safe Practices & Services” and particularly "Initiatives for the environmental protection/Awareness of the public/ Monitoring of environmental indicators" for the “Bluestarino Festival”, the 1st Nomadic Children's Festival in the Aegean.
  • Bronze award in the category “Use of Virtual reality/Augmented reality” and particularly "Social media presence" for the presence of Hellenic Seaways in the social networks.