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The provisions of Presidential Decree no. 23/1999 "Registration of persons traveling by passenger ships operating to or from Greek ports in accordance with Directive 98/41/EC/1998", are amended, according to PD 102/2019 (A΄ 182).

To comply with the regulations, tickets with the use of the Seasmiles card are issued BY NAME in accordance with the data provided upon registration, therefore the member’s profile must include the following:



- GENDER: Male/Female


- DATE OF BIRTH (Day/Month/Year)

In case that the member’s profile is found to be incorrect, then no ticket can be issued by using the Seasmiles membership card and the points collection will not be valid.


New innovative service with Seasmiles kiosks!

Attica Group has launched the Seasmiles Kiosks on board all vessels of SUPERFAST FERRIES, BLUE STAR FERRIES and HELLENIC SEAWAYS. The new service allows a faster registration to the programme along with an automatic issuance of the membership card, enhancing the overall onboarding experience.

Seasmiles Kiosks shorten the process of collecting data to enroll new members into the Seasmiles programme and to issue the membership card while on board, observing all personal data protection procedures.

In addition, already registered members of all tiers (Blue, Silver, Gold) can be informed of the collected points and the Blue Tier members can print the physical card and receive it from the Seasmiles Kiosk.

Golden accolade for Seasmiles at 2019 Loyalty Awards!

We are pleased to announce that the Seasmiles Programme was voted the Golden Award at the Loyalty Awards 2019!

At the awards ceremony held on Tuesday, April 2nd in the presence of more than 200 business people and executives from the largest Greek companies, Attica Group received the Gold award in the category Best in Loyalty & Engagement (Travel) for the Seasmiles Loyalty Scheme.

The Loyalty Awards reward excellence in customer loyalty and reward schemes, making the accolade particularly important. The panel of judges included academics, representatives of industry bodies and executives from the fields of marketing, advertising, communications and customer service.

Attica Group is among Greece’s 20 “Most Admired Companies”

Attica Group, the parent company of SUPERFAST FERRIES, BLUE STAR FERRIES and HELLENIC SEAWAYS, is pleased to announce that it has been named as one of Greece’s 20 “Most Admired Companies” for 2018 according to the country’s biggest corporate reputation survey carried out by Fortune magazine in partnership with the Audit, Tax and Advisory Services company KPMG.

The list was compiled from a survey of more than 300 companies, while more than 1,700 top managers voted for the best companies in their industries, based on the nine criteria of Fortune’s U.S. edition.

This distinction is particularly important because, based on criteria such as innovation, quality of service, extroversion, competitiveness, financial soundness, long-term investment value, human resources management, corporate resource management, as well as numerous Corporate Responsibility actions, comes to reward Attica Group's upward and growing business line so far. The company, true to its values and vision, continues its efforts to provide quality and innovative products and services, creating added value for shareholders and employees that are inseparably linked to its business success.



Online information of your points balance anytime!

You do not have to wonder about all your available points.

Claim online your missing points from your tickets!

Your personal ticket points as well as your vehicle or moto ticket points are credited automatically in your account within 24 hours upon completion of your trip,

New digital Seasmiles membership card!

Use your new digital card which is now available at your personal My Seasmiles account.

Silver accolade for Seasmiles at 2018 Loyalty Awards!

We are pleased to announce that the Seasmiles Programme was voted the Silver Award at the Loyalty Awards 2018!

The award category is the Best in Loyalty & Engagement (Travel) for the loyalty programme which built a constantly growing affiliation with customers, granting them value and privileges and created the appropriate conditions for unique travel experience in the travel industry.

Triple accolade for Attica Group at the 2018 Tourism Awards

Attica Group, the parent company of Superfast Ferries & Blue Star Ferries, is pleased to announce a triple accolade at the 2018 Tourism Awards organised by Boussias Communications.

New site

Welcome to our new upgraded Seasmiles site which offers

Points balance information

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