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We're "sailing together" in the quest to protect the environment

At Attica Group, faithful to our commitment to adopt environmentally sound practices, we are the first to introduce biodegradable Seasmiles cards in the Greek passenger shipping market. In combination with the use of digital cards, we are setting sail together for a future without unnecessary plastic usage. Take a journey with us and fill nature with more smiles. Because we're "sailing together" in the quest to protect the environment.

The new biodegradable Seasmiles Card

With the new generation of the Seasmiles cards made of a biodegradable recycled material, you continue to collect points and privileges in any of your trips with Blue Star Ferries, Superfast Ferries & Hellenic Seaways. At the same time, you contribute to our effort to reduce our environmental footprint and to protect the environment.

Our new biodegradable Seasmiles Cards are made of BIO-PVC, a latest generation material created by adding a coadjuvant for degradability. Its production requires lower consumption of energy and crude oil, as well as lower CO2 emissions. It is a degradable and recyclable material with a low environmental impact. The new cards' design includes the relevant BIO logo as for you to know that they are environmentally friendly. With this particular feature, they give even more smiles not only to you but also to nature.

With responsibility towards all our existing Seasmiles members and our new users, we expect that with your valuable help, we will be able to withdraw and recycle the existing cards in plastic format, aiming to a cleaner environment.

Blue & Silver Biocard

The replacement of the plastic card or the issuance of the new Bio card for all Blue and Silver members is effective at the Seasmiles Kiosks on board all vessels of Blue Star Ferries, Superfast Ferries & Hellenic Seaways easily at no delays. At the Seasmiles Kiosks, you can withdraw your plastic card, which we will responsibly lead afterwards to recycling.

Gold Biocard

All members of the Seasmiles Gold tier will receive by post the new Gold Biocard and the relevant information material for our action. For the envelope and the informational pack, we use ecological, recyclable material from FSC certified paper.

Gold members have also the option to post to the company their plastic card, for responsible recycling.

Digital Card

To offer you the best service, the digital card is also available to the members of all tiers. The digital card offers you all the advantages and features just like your physical personalized card. All you need to do is to present it over your smartphone or tablet before each transaction.

We think responsibly, we act responsibly, we give smiles and we’re sailing together in a world with more green and less plastic.

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